Dictionary Program

This application is made of two types of components: the program and the dictionaries. To look at a dictionary you need to install both the program and at least one dictionary in the same directory. Of course, you can install more than one dictionary at the same time. You need to install the program only once if you install all dictionaries in the same directory, as recommended.

Download the program

The program can be downloaded from Dizionario 3.0.5. Just click on the small icon representing a hard disk to download the compressed file in ZIP format containing all files to install the program.

Please note: if you install only the program with no dictionaries, you won't be able to launch it.

Download the dictionaries

To download a dictionary, just click on the corresponding language in the left-side menu: the dictionary sheet will be displayed on the right side. You will see two different linguistic module formats: one for the Dictionary Program (WB) and one for Unicode Dictionary (WBX). You should select the first one, if available.

Now, click on the small icon representing a hard disk to download the compressed file in ZIP format containing all files to install the dictionary.

Install the program

Once you have the program instrallation package and one or more dictionary packages, you have to install them. If you use WinZip, you can install them directly from WinZip by pressing the Install button. Otherwise unpack the compressed file into a temporary directory and launch install.exe.

Install a dictionary

Now you must install at least one dictionary before launching the program. The procedure is similar to that one used to install the program. Just install from WinZip or unpack in a temporary directory. Please, note that if you unpack in the same temporary directory you used to install the program, you must clean all previously unpacked files to avoid dangerous overlapping. Launch install.exe and install in the same directory of program.

Install multiple dictionaries

You can download several dictionaries and install them in the same directory without reinstalling the program. All dictionaries will be available from program menu Lingua.

Install a new program version

It is possible to install a a new version of program without reinstalling all dictionaries, assuming you install it in the same directory of the previous version. It is not necessary to uninstall the previous version.

Uninstall the program

To uninstall the program just delete the directory containing bo9th the program and the dictionaries, and remove from the Start Menu the item Dizionario This program does not modify the Windows Register.

Supported platform

This program has been tested on the following systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional. There is currently no Mac or Linux version.